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  • Why can't you pierce your ears with a piercing gun?
    The piercing gun causes damage to tissues, tearing them, thereby complicating the healing process. The tissues, after punching with a piercing gun, are scarred, so the hole itself looks less aesthetically pleasing than from a needle. The piercing gun is partly made of plastic parts, so it cannot be sterilized in autoclaves (devices for sterilizing instruments).During the procedure, the risk of blood microparticles getting on the gun itself is not excluded. And this, in turn, the risk of transmission of infection or disease. When using a sterile disposable needle, the risk of infection is reduced to zero. After piercing with a piercing gun, the puncture heals longer, there is a risk of inflammation, suppuration of this area.
  • Does it hurt to get pierced?
    The procedure is almost painless, most often the sensations are much weaker than people expect. For our part, we do our best to make you have the most pleasant experience.
  • Is it possible to anesthetize the puncture site before the procedure?
    We do not recommend the use of anesthetics. Anesthesia, both local and injectable, should be carried out only by a certified physician, under strict control. Uncontrolled anesthesia is deadly.Moreover, a well-made piercing causes significantly less pain than the introduction of an anesthetic.
  • How long will my piercing take to heal?
    Each person has their own normal healing rate, and the healing time of a puncture can vary significantly from person to person. Clean the piercing within the period indicated for your type of piercing (the 'Piercing' page). If your piercing is still in the healing phase after the specified time, continue to clean the piercing regularly as recommended.
  • What difficulties can arise with a puncture?
    If you touch or play with the piercing until it is completely healed, it can lead to infection. In any case, the jewelry must be in puncture during the entire healing period. If you remove the jewelry during the healing period, there is a high probability that the puncture will close and it will be difficult to insert the jewelry back. In most cases, recovery is possible.
  • How to choose the best jewelry size?
    The choice of jewelry sizes depends on the puncture site and on the individual characteristics of the client. A suitable decoration must be selected in each individual case, an individual approach is necessary to guarantee a quality healing.
  • How sports can affect the new puncture?
    Most people don't experience complications with their piercing due to sports, however, after physical activity, additional cleaning of the piercing may be required. Listen to your body. If you experience discomfort, sports should be stopped until the puncture is completely healed. As a rule, if sports activities pass without negative sensations in the puncture area, you can continue them during the healing period.
  • Are EL Piercing Jewelry suitable for primary piercings?
    They fit. EL Piercing Jewelry is made from high quality carat palladium gold, a hypoallergenic alloy. The proprietary alloy of our jewelry does not contain impurities harmful to the body and promotes rapid healing of punctures.
  • What does "hypoallergenic" mean?
    This term is used to describe compounds and materials that are least likely to cause skin irritation. Most often, allergies occur on earrings made of inexpensive and low-quality metals, especially if nickel is present in the alloy, which in some cases can lead to serious skin diseases.
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