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Founded by Elizaveta Fenkova, El Jewelry is the embodiment of a vision that transcends traditional jewelry design. Elizaveta Fenkova isn't your everyday jewelry designer — she's a multifaceted professional with a touch of brilliance in every stage of jewelry creation. Her journey in the jewelry world is comprehensive, with hands-on experience in not just designing, but also in the intricate processes of production, and the dynamic fields of marketing and sales. This well-rounded expertise sets her apart in an industry where most focus on one aspect.

But it's her designs that truly speak volumes. Elizaveta creates pieces that are distinctive and personal, reflecting her belief that jewelry should resonate with its wearer's individuality. Her work balances innovation with timelessness, sophistication with boldness, offering designs that are not just worn, but experienced.

In a market full of trends, Elizaveta doesn't just follow — she leads with her unique background, crafting her niche and redefining what it means to be a jewelry designer in the modern world.

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